UTP can undertake complex precision engineering assembly and sub-assembly work

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Precision engineering sub-assembly work

We have the capability to undertake extensive mechanical sub-assembly work.

Mechanical sub-assembly is undertaken in our clean assembly section. Items produced on site and bought-in items are assembled to customer drawings and specifications.

Outsourcing your sub-assembly work to us:

  • Reduces your overheads
  • Frees up your floor space and staff
  • Reduces your working capital requirements
  • Reduces your production lead times

To discuss your sub-assembly requirements, contact us on +44 (0)1329 232795.

Aerospace Precision Engineering Oil and Gas

Precision engineering sub-assembly work of this nature is often complex. Engineering assembly work demands good skills & conditions so that engineering sub-assembly work is done efficiently. Precision engineering assembly work can be undertaken alone, or as part of a precision engineering sub-assembly work project.

Outsourcing Precision engineering sub assembly work reduces your overheads.
Outsourcing Engineering assembly work frees up your floor space and staff.
Outsourcing engineering sub-assembly work reduces your working capital requirements.
Outsourcing precision engineering assembly work reduces your production lead times.

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